Guided by Padrinho Paulo Roberto


The Santo Daime Theological Program invites you to enter into deep study the theology of the Santo Daime. To put into practice the spiritual teachings that have been given. To enliven our understanding of the living Doctrine and fulfill the immediate purpose of the Daime which is the illumination of the spirit, the salvation of the soul through the path of redemption, and to have an encounter with Christic consciousness.





The Santo Daime Theology Program is divided into Eight Sessões.

Going back over 2000 years, we will travel from the time of early Christianity to the present time of the ministry of Padrinho Sebastião. We will examine our own spiritual calling and relationship to the great theological story, opened by the Virgin of Conception and Mestre Irineu.



The focus is to provide information that leads to transformation. To delve deep into the historical theological roots of our Doctrine - directing this knowledge toward personal transformation, each ones spiritual mission, and the mission of our Holy Mother.



The form of this study will be a 8 session ZOOM on-line program. 

Saturdays: 1pm (Rio de Janeiro Time)     (To see in your local time CLICK HERE)

Opening Session - Nov 13th (3hrs)

December 11,

January 15, 2022

January 29,

February 5,

February 19,

March 5 (2hrs)

Closing Session - Mar 20th (3hrs)

The first hour and a half Padrinho Paulo Roberto will give a talk on the subject of the session. Following, there will be sharing among participants with time for Q & A. Spiritual and theoretical practices will also be given to prepare for the following sessions. 


Financial Commitment: There is a sliding scale from $50 - $125 per session for 8 sessions.

It is necessary to enroll for all 8 sessions to complete the transformational process.

Installments will be available.  If you are unable to pay the full tuition upon registration installments can be made per session as the program progresses.If you miss a session a recording will available for you to stay connected on the journey.



Please be sure you have the following hinarios and books for study: 

  • Hinarios: Mestre Irineu, Companeiros, Padrinho Sebastiao, Madrinha Rita, Madrinha Julia, Madrinha Cristina, Madrinha Nonata, Padrinho Valdete, Padrinho Alfredo, Padrinho Paulo Roberto.


  • THE PHILOKALIA: The Complete Text compiled by St Nikodimos of the Holy Mountain and St Makarios of Corinth VOLUME ONE Translated from the Greek and edited by G.E.H. Palmer, Philip Sherrard Kallistos Ware.

  • Notebook for Journaling - Working with the visionary and intuitive experience through writing.

SESSÃO ONE: Opening Work

SESSÃO TWO: The Virgin of Conception  Theology of the Virgin Mother - Santo Daime Perspective

SESSÃO THREE: Mestre Irineu

SESSÃO FOUR: The Many Manifestations of the Virgin Of Conception

SESSÃO FIVE: Early Christianity - Desert Fathers and Commitments Of The Star

SESSÃO SIX: Legacy Of Padrinho Sebastião and Madrinha Rita

SESSÃO SEVEN:  Becoming a Living Temple, Purposes & Goals, Spiritual Activism, Expansion,

Meeting the Needs Of Our Times

SESSÃO EIGHT: Closing Work