SESSÃO FOUR: The Many Manifestations of the Virgin Of Conception

  1. The Celestial Mother -The whole Santo Daime doctrine is birthed through an encounter with the Celestial Mother.
    a) In the Santo Daime Doctrine, the Virgin Mother is the door – we meet all the divine beings through her.
    b) How does She lead us to our Master – acts of mercy and compassion.

“Quando eu cheguei nesta casa do brilho do amor

 A Rainha da Floresta meu Mestre me entregou” Antonio Gomez



1. The Virgin of Conception - Her many manifestations: Rainha da Floresta, Rainha do Mar,

Rainha do Céu, Pacha Mama, Celestial Mother.
    a) Discuss her omnipresence. 
    b) How is this significant in our times?
    c) One of the most significant and powerful manifestations for our doctrine is the Queen of the Forest.

        Padrinho Sebastiao said in order to meet the Virgin Mother it is necessary to leave the world of

        delusion - to purify oneself to be able to kneel at her feet.


2. Our Lady Of The Medicines
    a) She has an entire phalanx of spirits who care for the plants, rivers, animals, birds, insects,

        crystals and mineral kingdoms. 
    b) The nature spirits are part of her kingdom.
    c) Her kingdom is a Nature empire. In her kingdom exists the medicines of nature. The plants

       of power – the plantas maestras teaching plants.

3. Plantas Maestras

    a) What are the plantas maestras?

    b) How are they composed, extracted, processed and used as sacraments? Feitio.
    c) What is their religious use and physical, psychological and entheogenic effects?
    d) The Rainha da Floresta gives these gifts with a sacred intention. 
    e) How are we going to use them and for what purpose? The need to prepare
     f) When we accomplish her intention we start to walk on a religious path. One thing leads to

        another – what is it to walk on the path of the Santo Daime?



What is she asking of you?

Q & A:


STUDY: Prepare for Sessao Five:

Read the Fathers of the Desert to prepare for the next session - Saint Hesychios the Priest. 

Jesus Prayer - Guard of the mind – guard of the heart.


Reflect upon your Star journey - Journal how you received your star. What has transformed in your life since receiving your star? How have you made your star shine? Journal about faith. What is faith for you? How to do you exercise your faith? How do you illuminate your faith? How is your faith tested? What references does your faith give you? How do you relate faith and ethics?