SESSÃO ONE: Opening Work - 3 hours
Oracão and Nova Jerusalem followed by outline of program and discussion.


1. What is the intention? 
     a) Immediate purpose of the program 
     b) Ultimate goals of the program
     c) Intention in action

2. What are we going to accomplish?

     a)Theological study leading to transformation.
     b) Reinvigorating convictions of our faith.

3.  Practices to enter the study:
     a) Daily practices of Prayer, Meditation, reading and writing
     b) Fasting Seven Chakra Diet before commencing program
     c) Conscious Dreaming Practices – Journaling - how things can show up in our dreams. Dreams reveal

         unconscious content - actions, words, thoughts, feelings, dreams - to clean and purify even in the

         realm of dreams.
     d) Two Works – To begin the program and to complete the study.

Conscious Dreaming Practices: Ask the spiritual world before sleep to help you stay conscious in the dream space. Tune into the subject of your dream - what do you need insight into? What guidance are you asking for? Keep a dream journal - a notebook and pen beside your bed. When you wake up from a dream, stay in bed as you write down anything you remember. Then, close your eyes and try to go back to sleep, focusing on the dream. Play the dream out in your mind, but this time, imagine that you were aware that you were dreaming. Keep focusing on this as you fall back asleep.


STUDY: Prepare for Sessão Two: Examine the presence of Virgin Mother in the hinários of the Madrinhas: Madrinha Rita, Madrinha Julia, Madrinha Cristina.