SESSÃO SIX: Legacy Of Padrinho Sebastião and Madrinha Rita




1.  Spiritual initiation in Jurua. How did Padrinho Sebastiao meet Santo Daime and Mestre Irineu.

2.  Padrinho Sebastião’s relationship to Saint John. How we can track this connection through

     his hinário.

3.  Discuss Padrinho Sebastião as the Prophet of the Forest by drawing upon different people's

     personal experiences with him.

4.  Mestre received the Doctrine and entrusted it to Padrinho Sebastião - to take care of the

     doctrine and spread it to the four corners of the earth.


5. Legalisation in Brazil.


6.  What is Padrinho Sebastião’s Pastoral Ministry?


a) Star works

b) Cura works

c) Sao Miguel work

d) Illumination works



a) Which are the created beings and which are the uncreated beings?

b) What is the created reality and what is the uncreated reality?

c) Divine beings, Angels, Elementals, devils, demons.

Madrinha Rita


  1. Another source of theology in the Doctrine is the sacred feminine through Madrinha Rita, Madrinha Júlia, Madrinha Cristina, Madrinha Maria Brilhante, Madrinha Nonata.

  2. Through this study we end where we started: With the Virgin Mother.

  3.  Examination of Madrinha Rita’s hinário.

  4. The need to self-actualize and update Christian values within the new culture – with regard to women.

  5. Padrinho Sebastião said:

1.  Moses' time – was the age of the father.

2.  Jesus' time – was the age of the son.

3.  Mestre’s time / our time / is the age for the return of the Great Mother.



We will sing the last 5 hymns of Madrinha Rita's hinario with Madrinha Rita.



Madrinha Rita asks, “Do you know where the Daime is taking you?” 

“Where is your faith?”


Q & A:


STUDY: Preparation for Sessao seven: Write about your spiritual mission. What is your mission and how are you going to accomplish this?