SESSÃO THREE: Mestre Irineu


Mestre Irineu’s hinário – ‘O Cruzeiro.’ How it manifested through his encounter with the Celestial Mother - showing the relationship one can have with the Celestial Mother.


“Chamei la nas alturas

Para o Divino me ouvir

A Minha Mãe me respondeu

Oh Filho meu estou aqui”

  1. What is our “Corpo da Doutrina? Study of Corinthians 12.

  2. What is our theological identity?

  3. Where does Mestre’s faith come from?



   4.  Why do we need to drink Daime to worship?

   5.  Why don’t we do it without Daime?

   6.   Why do we need Daime to meet God?

   7.  Why do we need Daime to have a religious experience?



  8. The visionary experiences of the prophets and saints - Muhammad, Moses, Buddha, Abraham, 

      São Francisco etc.

  9.  Mestre Irineu: 

       a) Mestre Irineu - first Daime experience
       b) Mestre Irineu - Second Daime experience
       c) Encounter with the Virgin of Conception

 10. Examine how Mestre built his own theology based on his personal visionary experiences

       and how this generated the Santo Daime religion.

 11. Discuss religious freedom and how it grants us the right to believe in the visionary experience -

     the visionary experience as a religious experience.



Sharing of visionary encounters from personal life experiences with the Daime.


Q & A:


STUDY: To Prepare for Sessao Four: Through ascetic practices consecrate the week to the Celestial mother and open the channel of intuition to start to receive from Her.