SESSÃO Two: The Virgin Of Conception
Theology of the Virgin Mother – Santo Daime Perspective

  1. When Mestre calls the Divine who arrives? It is the Celestial Mother – it is not Saint John, it is not Jesus?

  2. How did she entrust Mestre with the responsibility of her Doctrine – her work on earth? 

  3. Who is the Virgin of Conception? The knowledge of the Divine comes through her.

  4. What are her teachings that we do not find in the Old Testament or the New Testament?

  5. Where can we find her teachings and feel her presence in the hinários?

  6. How can we know her will, receive her gifts, and put her teachings into practice?

  7. How can we worship and please her? What is this quest?

  8. What does this encounter look like and how does it happen for each one who arrives in the doctrine, according to each one's proportion?



Testimonies of encounters with the Mother. Based on the visionary experiences of each one.



STUDY: To prepare for Sessao Three: Study the presence of the  Virgin Mother in Mestre Irineu’s hinario – Writings, reflections, questions. Also study the passage of Corinthians 12 from the New Testament.